We used WALKING BACKWARDS in our TONE UP THURSDAY class today!
Here’s why it’s good for you :
On the surface, walking backward may seem silly or useless. Take a deeper look, though. It actually provides a number of perks for both your physical and mental well-being. It’s a simple way for you to challenge different muscles and force your mind to focus and operate differently.
Walking backward provides a number of benefits to your mind and body.
Mental benefits
  • enhanced sense of body awareness
  • increased body coordination and movement in space
  • helps avoid workout boredom
  • improves overall mood
  • helps with sleep cycles
  • motivates you to step outside your comfort zone
  • keeps your mind guessing
  • sharpens your thinking skills and enhances cognitive control
  • puts senses into overdrive, improving vision
Body benefits
  • increases strength in lesser-used leg muscles
  • helps rehabilitate knee injuries
  • improves walking technique and form
  • helps with balance
  • burns calories
  • helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • strengthens bones and muscles
  • boosts energy levels
  • elevates body’s metabolism
Other benefits
While walking normally (forward motion) is something that we do every day without any conscious thought, walking backward can help you improve your leg endurance and aerobic capacity more rapidly.
That’s because the challenge you are placing on your body is greater. You’re forcing your body to adapt to new and unfamiliar demands, which promotes improvements and growth in your physical fitness.
A study published in the Journal of BiomechanicsTrusted Source found that backward running reduced anterior knee pain compared to forward running. Another study published in the International Journal of Sports MedicineTrusted Source found that a combination of backward running and walking may improve cardiorespiratory fitness and change body composition.
Your body is less familiar with walking backward, so you can expect to get more cardiovascular and calorie-burning benefits in a shorter amount of time. This makes your workouts more efficient and intense.
Updated: April 29, 2021 — 4:25 pm