Laura Furlong

Laura is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be back marking some of our larger group walks as well as leading some of her own smaller group walks.

Laura is First Aid trained.

Laura says:

I was introduced to the idea of Nordic walking by Anne when I met her in a pub at the Edinburgh Festival a few years ago. I signed up for the training and was hooked. I loved discovering the life-enhancing benefit of being outdoors, the scenery ( I’m a “big sky” fanatic ), and being shown where to go by a walk leader.

Over the years I realised I had made some good friends, and looked forward to the simple joy of meeting up in a group for a Nordic walk and a chat. To also have increased my fitness and stamina is an added bonus. So now I’m excited to have made the leap to backmarker and walk leader, especially enabling more people to be able to get out and walk.