Gary Ansell

Gary is an accredited NWUK Leader and will be back marking some of our larger group walks as well as leading some of his own smaller group walks.

Gary is First Aid trained.

Gary says:

I’ve always loved walking and have particularly fond memories of two treks in the Annapurna region in Nepal, one to Annapurna Base Camp where we reached an elevation of 13,500ft which was literally breath-taking!

I took up Nordic Walking in November 2017. My wife and I had been searching for a way to keep us fit that we could both share and enjoy. I had suffered a back injury the previous year and not being gym-types, Nordic Walking looked to be an ideal way to keep moving and sure enough, after completing our course, we’ve not looked back.

With Nordic Walking Watford, even though I am Watford born and bred, I’ve discovered so many beautiful places that I didn’t realise are right here on our doorstep in Hertfordshire. As part of Nordic Walking UK I’ve been able to walk with other groups in Chichester, Dorset, the Peak District, and Yorkshire to name but a few.

I’m not really one for walking too much on my own so the social aspect of walking in groups has been a real benefit and at the same time I’m getting just the right level of exercise I want, outside in the fresh air with wonderful countryside to look at. What more could one want?