I really enjoy my Nordic Walking with helpful instructors and friendly members to support me. Although I don't go as often as some other members, I try to walk at least once a week as this has helped my health. I have Broncheactasis and would frequently suffer with chest infections but since walking regularly I have been clear of infection for over a year. Thank you ladies

— Jean Gray

"If you like the idea of Nordic Walking, if you haven't tried Nordic Walking or if you are just intrigued by the name, then Jane’s your woman!  Nordic Walking is fun, inspirational and challenging.  Walking briskly with the whole body, by using the poles, is very exhilarating and it gets your heart pumping, your blood flowing and you into the fresh air and countryside.  When I am Nordic Walking I forget about my day, my worries and the things that niggle and just enjoy being out and about and really working my body.  With Jane (and our poles) I have thoroughly explored the local area and even been on several “adventure walks” through Abbots Langley, Nash Mills, Whippendale Woods and beyond. I love Nordic Walking and my only regret is that I didn’t discover it sooner.  I do Nordic Walking with Jane on a regular basis, once a week, and have found it really beneficial to have a trained instructor who pushes you just that bit further and includes various exercises using the poles, in addition to the actual walking.  Nordic Walking has been a fantastic addition to my exercise programme for a number of reasons: it is more strenuous than an everyday walk, it is good for your heart and blood pressure, it is good for your upper body, especially your arms and shoulders and being outside has an almost spiritual quality, as admiring the scenery takes your mind off the exercise :-)   Thank you, Jane."

— Lisa Stone

"Just to let you know I'm still Nordic Walking every day, sometimes twice a day.   I absolutely love it and can't bear to walk without my poles as I seem to walk so slowly without them!   I try very hard to push it every day for a 45min-1 hour walk with Dollie.   I'm pushing it a bit more each day, now able to do a cross between Gears 2 & 4, and double poles I love!  I can't quite make a pure Gear 3 I'm afraid, the best I make is a new "Heather" Gear 2.5 ha ha!! Don't know if I told you this, but I've toned up all over, have lost nearly a stone and 1 1/2 " off my stomach (weight I put on after my surgery!) and my arms have never been so toned.  I think this is mostly down to my daily Nordic Walks, as I just don't have the time to go the gym more than once a week (twice if I'm lucky!), I'm eating sensibly but haven't cut anything out.   It's a no brainer, if you walk you might as well gain the extra benefit of pushing yourself with the poles, pushing the heart harder and burning more cals!  I keep telling people to give it a try! I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Nordic Walking, it  has made me walk so much faster, and when I'm on level ground, and trying to push myself hard,  I almost run, it's the closest I've ever come to flying!"

— Heather Darvill-Urquhart

"I used to enjoy running but due to health problems I was advised not to for a while. I had lost a lot of fitness so Jane suggested giving Nordic walking a try. It is really easy to cover quite a distance in one session and afterwards you can feel it's given you an all over work out. I really like it and Jane is an excellent teacher. Apart from a few curious stares from teenagers no-one seems to take much notice when you're out with the poles. It is quite hard work at first but is worth it as I feel I've had a really thorough work out. It's a also a lot kinder on my back and neck than running."  

— Julie O'Keeffe

"For someone like myself who has not exercised at all in the last few years I find it hugely enjoyable , also physically challenging and beneficial health wise. Even in the short time I have attended sessions I have noticed more movement in my left arm and shoulder. Its the first activity I have tried where I would like to do more!"

— Sharon Walsh