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Nordic walking Watford offers a comprehensive programme of Tasters, ‘Learn to Nordic walk’ technique courses and regular Nordic walks all around the Watford & surrounding countryside, and to suit all levels, throughout the year.
All sessions are friendly and sociable, and many of the regular Nordic walks finish in cafes/pubs for after walk refreshments, so why not come along and make some new friends along the way too!


Jane Thomas

Jane originated Nordic Walking Watford in 2012 and continues to run Nordic Walking Watford as a manager and administrative Partner. She is a Personal Trainer and accredited NWUK Instructor (Delivery Partner) and has recently moved and set up a sister business Dalesway Nordic Walking, delivering Nordic walking courses & walks in and around Ilkley, West Yorkshire, but still makes frequent visits to Watford.
“Having always enjoyed exercising I decided to train as a Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist in 2007. After doing a year of both I decided to drop the Sports Massage as I developed a painful hand issue.
I have had some amazing PT, Nordic walking and Running clients and I love to see them achieve their goals under my gently ‘persuasive’ encouragement!
Over the years I have spent a great deal of time reading fitness articles and attending courses to keep my skill-set up-to-date, to make sure that Nordic Walking Watford continues to be the welcoming and friendly club that it is. Nordic Walking Watford is so much more than ‘just Nordic walking’ – we hope we can change your lives for the better, both mentally and physically!”


Ann Saffery

Ann is an accredited NWUK Leader, and will mainly be leading the Tuesday evening and Friday evening walks, but may provide occasional cover for any of the other walks.
First Aid trained.
Ann says: “Having taken up Nordic walking in June 2014 with my husband, in an effort to get fitter and lose some weight, we have achieved both goals and now thoroughly enjoy regular walks in the evenings and at weekends.  The variety of Wellbeing, Workout and Adventure routes has kept us coming back for more and I was pleased to have the opportunity to train as a walk leader with NWUK.  The dark evenings and cold weather hasn’t put either of us off, but we do look forward to spring and summer when we can get back into the fields and woodlands – there is so much countryside on our doorstep!  With a sedentary day job and not getting any younger, Nordic Walking has proved to be an ideal exercise routine and social activity. Why not come and join us? You will love it!”


Tracy Reeve

Tracy is an accredited NWUK Instructor and Business Partner for Nordic Walking Watford, and she will be delivering the Learn to Nordic walk courses, as well as leading regular walks during the week, mainly during school term times.

First Aid trained.

Tracy says: ”

Having had two children and several courses of treatment for Breast Cancer, I started 2015 at an all time low in terms of fitness and wellbeing. I knew I wanted to get back into regular exercise but was struggling to find something that would work for me. I stumbled across Nordic Walking, liked the idea of exercising outdoors and booked my course… I was hooked!

A little over a year later and I am fitter than I have been for a long time, four stone lighter and loving Nordic Walking! I now enjoy taking part in endurance walking and successfully completed the Iconic Race to the Stones – an epic 100k  event – in July 2016.

I firmly believe that Nordic Walking has something to offer everyone – from those who haven’t exercised for some time through to those who train regularly. As a Nordic Walk Instructor I aim to encourage and inspire people to get active through Nordic Walking and realise the many benefits it can bring.

Our walks are always enjoyable, even on a rainy day, and the members of our group are very supportive and encouraging of each other.”

Fiona Prior

Fiona is an accredited NWUK Leader, and will mainly be leading walks during school holidays, but may provide occasional cover for any of the other Adventure walks too.

‘I bought some poles a few years ago on the recommendation of my brother. “You’ll love it!” he said. Well this year 2015 at Easter I finally took them out of the cupboard and signed up for Jane’s course. And yes, he was right, I do love Nordic Walking. It’s wonderful getting out into the countryside and seeing parts of the area I never knew existed. I really enjoy the social element and I know I wouldn’t go as far or as fast without the company, never mind going out in the dark. I took part in my first Nordic Walking event in November 2015 and amazed myself by completing the 20km challenge. I’m fitter and happier because of Nordic Walking. Great idea little bro!’




Caroline Eldred

Caroline is an accredited NWUK Leader and will mainly be leading the Sunday Adventure Walks, but will be providing cover for other Adventure walks when needed.

Caroline is First Aid trained



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